Graduate School

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Purpose of Education

The purpose is set as contributing to the cultural development by pursing and detecting the academic theory and application methods extremely in detail to complete leading personality and creative ability.

Educational Philosophy

The Yeungnam University is the center of intellect and aims at quality education based on patriotic allegiance to the beloved country for the sake of mankind as well as quality productions and is making a large contribution to the advancement of the country with its educational principles and philosophy.

Educational Goals

The educational goals are focused on lifting and maintaining the Korean spirit, appreciating the richness of the historical heritage and traditions and continuing the country’s cultural purity. The school will continue to strive for academic excellence and encourage the development of technology and advance of new ideas.

Educational Aims

  1. Yeungnam University plays a pivotal role in the development of regional, country and international communities by conducting in-depth research on national culture and human culture.
  2. Whole person education of Yeungnam University based on extensive academic theory nurtures leaders to be qualified with democratic attitude and creativity.
  3. Through professional education applying various study methods according to social demand, Yeungnam University cultivates talents to cope with a changing modern society.