Research Programs

LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center


Our LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center has been established for the "development of LED-IT fusion industry", which is a new growth industry. This important national strategic industry combines various components of preexisting LED-intensive industries, such as the LCD, automotive and lighting industries. "LED technology + IT technology" should be integrated, given that the LCD, IT, and automotive illumination parts industries are already highly integrated in the Gyeongsan region. Therefore, Gyeongsan is a very suitable environment for the development of the LED-IT fusion industry. Its strategic location suggests that the development of the area as a regional stronghold in the field of LED fusion is possible. Indeed, it has the potential of becoming an industrial cluster for LED-IT fusion technology, as it is well connected to the region's preexisting strategic industries.

Thus, this research center's core activities are (1)to build the LED-IT research center's infrastructure and research fusion-type technology, (2)to develop company technology and evaluation support service (3) to develop specialized personnel training, (4) to promote LED-IT fusion technology, as well as to strive to achieve growth and development, not only in the LED material and parts industries, but in the LCD, automotive, and lighting industries as well.

Our LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center has been appointed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as the Southeastern region's LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center(technology support center). It seeks to surpass the high levels of technological development of advanced nations in the LCD display, automotive illumination parts, and lighting industries, which are predicted to grow rapidly. We also strive to develop LED-IT fusion technology into core and leading commercialized technologies in order to secure its position and dominate the global market for related industries. Through this, not only will the nation's LED-IT industry improve the nation's position as the hub of Northeast Asia's LED fusion industry, it will also become the main driver of national economic development. We will strive to reach a standing as a core research facility that leads the new industries of the country's economy.


Our Center will strive to become the world's third largest LED-IT research center in 2017 and increase our national status as a hub of the LED fusion industry.

Goals of the LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center

"To be in the top 3 in the world in the LED conversance technology"

  • To implement 
    our technology
    in 1000 work places
  • 10% total export growth
  • 10% GDP growth
  • Establishment of infrastructure

    • 1Foundation of the research center
    • 2Facilities & equipment for R&D
    • 3Excellent professional researchers
    • 4Enhancement of cooperation with internal and extermal research institutes
  • Facilities and equipment for R&D

    • 1Assist LED-IT fusion technology for smart LED light source systems for automotive
    • 2smart LED light source system
    • 3sensor-IT integrated LED lamp system
  • Assist evaluation and assessment

    • 1Establishment of facilities for evaluation of performance and reliability of LED products
    • 2Assist the devopment of new products in industries by providing the facilities and equipment
    • 3Employment of professional staff to assist the industries
  • Train professionals in LED-IT technology

    • 1Employ specialized lecturers for the Industry University Institute Collaboration system
    • 2Build educational facilities for the training program
    • 3Establishment of an educational program for training human resources in companies
    • 4Establishment of bachelor/master/doctoral degree programs within the industry University Collaboration system
  • Plan for the industrialization of LED-IT technology

    • 1Plan strategies for marketing the technology, as well as developing and industrializing it
    • 2Establishment of Collaboration system with internal and external professional institutions
    • 3Installation of the pilot production base
    • 4Design the LED an automotive industry complex based on LED-IT fusion technology

Our Vision for The LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center

  • LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center
  • Industrialization of
    Fusion Technology
  • International
  • Development of
  • Enhancement of
  • Enhancement of support for the industries

    • Services for the evaluation of the commercialization of the products
    • Support for advanced core fusion technology
  • Planning New Plans

    • Designing the LED-IT fusion technology complex
    • Commercialization of the developed technologies
  • Education of human resources

    • Training human resources for the industries
    • Specialized industry university institute collaborative educational program
  • Enhancement of R&D

    • Development of original technologies 
      based on LED-IT fusion technology
  • Leading LED fusion
    technology in the world
  • Among the top 3
    in the world in LED-IT
    fusion technology
  • Hub for LED-IT fusion
    technology in Asia
  • Comosed of
    professionals trained in
    the field of LED-IT fusion