Research Programs

Institute of Materials Technology

The Institute of Materials Technology (IMT) was established in 1999 by the faculty members and staffs who perform materials-related researches, to meet the increasing demands for the university-industry research and devlopement (R & D) collaboration on advanced materials technologies. The primary task of IMT is thus to provide opportunities as many as possible for the IMT members on institute-industry collaboration, thereby to enhance the activities on industry-oriented researches at university.

IMT has four divisions that cover the wide range of materials technologies from advanced nano materials to traditional materials; 
they are metallic materials, ceramics, electronic materials, and materials synthesis and processing, respectively. In addition, three research centers are organized to deal with emerging materials issues - advanced particulate materials, nano materials and hard facing materials center. The institute offers workshops on materials practices and seminars on recent advances in the materials technologies on a regular base.

IMT supports the members when they want to transfer own technology to industries on the production of new materials or processing methods. IMT also encourages the members to perform consulting works in local industries to help field engineers in process diagnosis and trouble-shooting. In addition, the institute offers various services on fracture analysis, materials testing and characterizations for advanced materials using various instruments and facilities at the university. So far, the efforts shown by the institute are enormous, and the university-industry collaboration is ever increasing on the basis of mutual understanding. 
Far more R & D activities with local industries are expected year after year.